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Pizza bestellt. Stimmung steigt (wieder).

Der Sommer ist jetzt endg眉ltig vorbei! 馃し馃徎

Dexter / DJ Friction - Diggin' Sonoton - Contemporary Beats & Movements Vol鈥.鈥1

Schon reingeh枚rt @BarbNerdy ?

禄Check your responsive webpage looks great in every size芦

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antesten. 禄A FLOSS multi-account Mastodon and Pleroma desktop client芦

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I'm working on some nice settings to let you customize a bit more the UI! 馃榾

Here is some example with the TLs header. 馃檪
The settings will be:
- title + domain name (default)
- title + user name + domain name
- title + account icon + domain name
- title + account icon
- title

#Sengi #dev

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