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Dexter / DJ Friction - Diggin' Sonoton - Contemporary Beats & Movements Vol​.​1

Schon reingehört @BarbNerdy ?

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antesten. »A FLOSS multi-account Mastodon and Pleroma desktop client«

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I'm working on some nice settings to let you customize a bit more the UI! 😀

Here is some example with the TLs header. 🙂
The settings will be:
- title + domain name (default)
- title + user name + domain name
- title + account icon + domain name
- title + account icon
- title

#Sengi #dev

Resturlaub abbummeln. Gibt schlimmeres ;)

Paper, Mailbox, Foursquare, Sunrise, Wunderlist ... Hach, ™️ in 2014.

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#ImMoor Teil 6 ist draußen und das Lesen hat mich heute ganz schön fertig gemacht. Aber es ist geschafft 😎

Nächste Woche Pause von der Systemrelevanz und ab in den heimischen Kindergarten.

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And #Sengi 0.23.0 is out! 🙂
It now have new settings to setup "CW Policies", so that you can hide all CWs (with an exception list), add CW on all statuses, hide completely statuses in some cases, etc.

#mastodon #pleroma #client #app

Morgen Abend mal ?

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