Dear men, if you want to ask a question to someone late at night on a train station, please pick another man. And no, I don't even care what your question is, I'll just pretend I don't speak your language, whatever it is.

@masu so, he wasn't nice i guess? he probably was in fear and needed contact of some sort himself maybe? he probably liked you? he may have stepped over personal barricades to find courage and talk to you?! idk. sounds a bit rude to me, pardon.

@assbach last week, random guy tried to hug me while I waited for the train at night. Sure, he probably just needed human contact. I was once followed half-way home (I was almost running) to be asked out for coffee. Yes, he probably "liked" me. Another time, a guy whispered "hello beautiful" into my ear while passing me on the platform. Yesterday, he asked me if I speak English and when I said no, stared at me until I hid behind an ad stand. But sure, I'm the rude one here.


@masu okay that is definitely too much. And I'm sorry this happened to you several times. If it's the same guy I would report him to the police. Take care

@assbach thanks. No, it's not the same guy. I could tell you many more stories, as I'm sure 99% of women can. Last time I checked, "making someone uncomfortable" is not a crime.

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